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Why choose us?

Here at Desica, we want to rewrite the rules of web development. We think the process should be fun for everyone.

  • Progressive web app support

    This allows your app to load faster, and to be installed on the user's device, via a popup in the browser.

  • No hidden fees

    We pride ourselves in offering a quality service with transparent pricing, so you know what your paying.

  • Open development

    We'll keep you updated throughout our creative process, and allow you to see your website as it's under development.

  • Multiple revisions

    We are completly flexible, and allow up to three complete redesigns, and unlimited alterations at no extra cost to you.

“Great quality! They make amazing websites with exact detail, and they always ask for the infomation that they need to make your website. An excellent web developer."

Harry De Meo



How much does it cost?

We'll build out your site, and then some.



A simple solution perfect for the needs of a blogger or startup.



Create your own online store, or dashboard with authentication.


Contact sales

Reach out to our sales team for a bespoke application, made for you.


I have questions

If you have a question, check below. If your question isn't answered, contact support.

Can I have the code afterwards?

In short, yes you can. When we make you a website, you can do whatever you want with the code. That means that you can publish the code for the world to see, if you want. We'll allow you to see the code at any time in our development process.

Do you follow CSS and JavaScript accessibility best practices?

Yes we do. We'll make sure that your website follows code best practices, and accsesibility guidelines. We'll also ensure that your code scores highly in Google's web audit, which means it will also be ranked highly in search results.

What counts as a redesign?

We define a rediesign as a significant change to the website's layout, colors, or purpose. This means that if you wanted to edit some text or change the color of a button, that would count as one of your unlimited alterations. You are allowed three redesigns.

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